At Mallkini one can appreciate up close the magic of its people and its ancestral communities and discover a place where nature, with its mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, together with its indigenous flora and fauna, remains totally unaffected by the advance of civilization.

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Discover the beauty of the peruvian highlands


Mallkini is a ranch which combines Alpaca breeding and outdoor adventure. It’s a place where you cannot just observe how Alpacas live, but also...

Visit the Peruvian Highlands in the greatest of comfort


Mallkini is situated in a privileged area of the Highlands and the hotel was constructed using traditional techniques and building materials to create an effect of structural...

The Genetic Centre


Educating Alpaca breeders, improving the quality of the fibre and increasing the number of Alpacas in the region are the main objectives of the Mallkini breeding.