Located in the Azángaro Province of Puno,  140kms from Juliaca airport, Mallkini, owned by Grupo Michell, covers just over 3,000 hectares  of land and possesses more than 3,000 Alpacas of the Huacayo and  Suri species. Mallkini is the biggest privately funded Alpaca breeding projects in Peru and we are committed to teaching Alpaca farmers about how to improve existing breeding programmes in Puno’s Highland communities as well as other Peruvian and foreign institutions dedicated to the genetic improvement of Alpacas with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of the industry for many more years to come. 


The geography at Mallkini represents and reflects the rich and diverse micro-environments of the Andean highlands, better known as the kingdom of the Alpaca. The highlands around Mallkini vary between 4,000 and 4,500 metres above sea level, with abundant pastures and wetlands, from which the Alpaca obtain their diet from natural grasses low in protein.

The natural surroundings and infrastructure of Mallkini make it a special place for holding events such as workshops and seminars on Alpaca breeding as well as for practising outdoor sports such as trekking with Alpacas, horse riding, walking and much more. 

Mallkini possesses the best and also the safest accommodation in the area and visitors can experience first-hand the Highland life without missing out on the comforts offered in our installations. 






As a breeding and genetic centre for Alpacas, Mallkini has developed a series of imduction programmes which include, with the sole aim of improving the Alpaca fibre in the Puno región, the selection and purchase of the best Alpacas from the Peruvian mountain regions, breeding techniques, nutrition, reproduction and research.




Mallkini began its operations in 1995 thanks to the efforts of the Michell Group, industry leader and biggest Alpaca textile group in Peru. Mallkini’s mission is to improve the quality of Alpaca fibre through the training of local breeders as well as to improve their standard of living and, at the same time, develop interest in ecotourism throughout the Puno region. 

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Mallkini is a ranch which combines Alpaca breeding and outdoor adventure. It’s a place where you cannot just observe how Alpacas live, but also...

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The Genetic Centre


Educating Alpaca breeders, improving the quality of the fibre and increasing the number of Alpacas in the region are the main objectives of the Mallkini breeding.